Sunday, October 28, 2012

Brace yourselves...

Winter is coming.

It was 8 degrees C today. That's 46 degrees for you Americans. I'm curled up in bed with lots of layers and a big thick blanket over me and I'm still freezing. It's supposed to be 4 degrees tonight. Sure feels like winter. Makes me really glad I used all that space in my suitcase for my winter coat. I imagine February in the Netherlands is colder than this. This winter is quite possibly the first where I live in snow, rather than just visit it. I will need to buy good winter shoes. I don't think any of the ones I brought are approved for real winter weather. I'll probably need a more waterproof winter jacket too.

That's one thing I didn't do well when packing: packing for cold weather. I thought I brought a hoodie. Nope. Only brought a couple pairs of shoes, mostly for summer weather. I did pack my raincoat and my winter wool coat but not a lot of other coats. I have a sweater and a pullover but that's about it. Might have to go shopping. Winter boots are kind of a high priority but everything else can wait. Winter isn't that bad here.

Ok next post will be more interesting, I promise.

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