Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mucho estres pero no te preocupes

I had two tests already this week and I'm going to have two more. My week is only four days long. One a day. Can't wait for this week to be over.

I just love how every time I have a moment of "oh my god, what am I doing? I'm doing to too much. I can't handle this," real life comes and tells me "tranquila, you live in Spain, c'mon."

Tonight my calming moment was dinner with my host family. We watched Barça win while we ate anchoas for dinner, accompanied by red wine and followed by cheese and apple puree cake (ok, bad description. It looks like a cake but its made of dehydrated apple puree and formed into blocks.) for dessert. Futbol, fish, vino, fruit and cheese. What's more Spanish than that?

It's kind of hard to be stressed out after such a pleasant dinner.

I also finally revealed that I'm a huge Barça fan to my host parents. My host mom was like, ok but you're a Reala (Real Sociedad, the local team) fan now right? And I'm like of course. You have to cheer for your local team. I even bought a Reala scarf. There are few better ways to blend in with the locals than to support the local sports team.

And to steal a line from one of my favorite athletes:

And that's what's up.

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