Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First impressions

Now that I'm a little bit better rested, I've had some time to reflect. The part of Madrid I'm staying in is quite beautiful. I'm surrounded by gorgeous old buildings and lovely parques. It's really hot out during the day so taking a siesta makes perfect sense. Getting by on limited Spanish is an adventure for sure. My accent doesn't stick out here but my lack of comfort with the language sure does. Also I asked the concierge in the hotel for "un lugar donde pudimos mirar los equipos de fútbol en le tele" (a place where we can watch the soccer teams on tv) because I totally blanked on "partido." Oops. But we still got directions to a great place. With the jet lag, we might just watch el partido (game) from our room and check out the places tomorrow after our sightseeing. Even though I'm in Madrid, I'm still cheering for Barça.

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