Sunday, September 30, 2012

Basque Derby!

Every sports team has its rivalries.

Here the local futbol/ soccer team is Real Sociedad. Their rival is the other Basque team, Atletico Bilbao. The rivalry game is called the Basque Derby. Bilbao has traditionally owned the derby but this year Real Sociedad is supposed to be much improved. 

Final score: Real Sociedad 2, Atletico Bilbao 0.

Both goals were scored in the second half. I was in a bar with a bunch of other Americans (one of whom was celebrating his 21st) watching the game. So much fun. I had bought myself a Real Sociedad scarf to support my local team. Good decision.

I totally look like I should be a local. I ge asked for directions every time I go out. Adding the local futbol team's scarf to my wardrobe only adds to that misconception. 

After the game, some drunk señorita was yelling something at me. Not entirely sure what she was saying but she was wearing a scarf pretty similar to mine. I just smiled and continued on my way. It's study abroad. Sometimes you just have to smile and carry on.

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