Thursday, September 13, 2012

Basque language

For any one who is unfamiliar with the Basque language, euskara, they aren't kidding when they say it's difficult. To give you an example and comparison, today I learned the verb izan, which is similar to the Spanish verb ser in meaning. They both mean to be. Here's what to be looks like conjugated in English, castellano y euskara.

English        Castellano         Euskara
I am.             Yo soy.             Ni naiz.
You are.       Tu eres.             Zu zara.
S/he is.          Él/Ella es.        Bera da.
We are.      Nosotros somos. Gu gara.
You all are. Vosotros sois.    Zuek zarete.
They are.     Ellos son.           Haiek dira.

Boy, that sure looks easy to learn doesn't it? At least it's not a gendered language. It's going to be an adventure nonetheless.

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