Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First night with the Host Family

So I hade my first day of orientation and my placement test. I don't think I did as well as I should have on the test. I was just so tired and nervous about meeting my host family that I could not focus on the test.

My host family is really really amazing. They actually picked me up from the hotel so I didn't have to brave a taxi on my own with all my luggage. That was really nice of them. They got me shampoo and school supplies and a bus pass and a phone. I can't believe how nice they are.

My host mother is an amazing cook. I think that was the best tortilla español I've ever had. Totally still getting used to table manners  and bread every meal and such. Had yummy French and Basque cheeses for dessert.

Watched some tv with my host mom and sister. It seems to me that most tv here is American tv dubbed into Spanish or sports. I've only seen a couple fully Spanish-seeming shows. Also, being 20km from the border, there are several channels in French. Also, commercials are different. Breaks are less frequent but much longer.

Anyway, it's after midnight and I have school tomorrow. Buenos noches

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