Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just another day in paradise

I took a siesta this afternoon. I could get used to this.

After that I went to the beach. The waves were a bit large. I was swimming fine for a while until two consecutive extra large waves knocked me around. Decided that was the time to go back to the shore and dry off a bit. The waves only got larger after that so we picked a good time to leave.

After that we went and got ice cream/gelato. It is way too good here. There's so many new flavors to try too. Dangerous. And no sad styrofoam cones here.

Tonight there's a game at Anoeta, the stadium here. I can hear the game from here. Every time there is a goal, you can tell just from the sounds of the crowd. When Real Sociedad scores a goal, there are two fireworks each time. Twitter tells me the attendance was almost 24.000 people.  Game just ended. 2-0 Real Sociedad. Happy fans tonight.

On a side note, I'm very much considering dipping myself in bug repellant before I go to sleep. I left my window wide open so I could hear the game but now I'm seeing bugs I've never seen before. And they're in my room. I don't know if they bite. :/ I tried escorting them back out my window but that's only resulted in me now not knowing where any of them are. Not so cool.

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