Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saturday lunches

My host mother's mother has extended an open invitation to dine with the whole family every Saturday. I very gratefully accepted. Weekend lunch with everyone is the most fun.

My host mom's mom is 92 and loves having guest over. Having an American is a special treat. She doesn't travel anymore so she loves seeing me so I can tell her about the US.

It's no wonder my host mom is so adorable. Her mom and her sisters are adorable too. They are all very kind to me.

Lunch is always delicious. This time it was sausages, hard boiled eggs with bacon, toast with pâté, and peppers stuffed with ground meat and covered in a velvety tomato sauce. Delicious.

I got to try pacharán too. It's a blueberry and anise liquor made here in the Basque Country.

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