Monday, September 10, 2012

Weather like San Francisco? Lies.

San Sebastian's weather is often compared to San Francisco's. I don't believe it. San Sebastian is far more humid and warmer than San Francisco ever is. When I left for school at 10 this morning, it was overcast, muggy and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Now it's 7 pm, 75 degrees, still muggy and really sunny. My weather app tells me there's a 50% chance of thunderstorms tonight. And as I write this, clouds are rolling in. This is definitely not San Francisco weather. When it's around 70 degrees, San Franciscans panic and crowd every beach and ice cream parlor in town and talk about global warming. San Sebastians? Well, they take a siesta. No big deal.

At least the warmer weather means you can actually enjoy going to the beach regularly without worrying about frostbite. Kidding about the frostbite. The beaches here in San Sebastian are just too fantastic not to enjoy while you can. Apparently there's only a month left of beach weather. Got to enjoy it as much as possible.

Update: 7:23 pm. Heard first crack of thunder. Sky is a strange yellow-grey color. No rain yet but I'm quite sure it's coming. Glad I'm not going to be out in that.

Update: 7:30 pm. Epic downpour with thunder and lightning. Glad I closed my window. There's a bit of wind too.

Update: 7:40pm. Saw a rainbow that ended right over Real Sociedad's stadium :)

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