Monday, September 3, 2012

So it begins...

Tomorrow everything changes.

 Haven't really gotten a chance to see much of the city yet but what little I have seen is quite beautiful. It makes me wonder why my ancestors ever left here in the first place. It was a 6,5 hour bus ride from Madrid to San Sebastian because of a mandatory 1 hour break. That in itself was an adventure. The Basque Country, particularly in Alavá province, looks like Nevada in the US. No wonder all the Basque people are there.

The signs and everything are in Basque. I'm going to get so lost the first few times I go out.

Tomorrow I have orientation, a placement test and then I get to take a taxi by myself with all my luggage to my host family's place. Apparently they own two whole connected apartment buildings which are largely occupied by extended family. I'm also apparently living on the 9th floor. Thank goodness there is an elevator. 

On another note, I'm surprised to see that I've seen just as many political prisoners banners as I have Real Sociedad ones. I wonder what that says about the Basque people?

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