Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Last day of orientation

So I more or less know how to use my bus card. Made it to school ok at least. Not entirely sure my card worked. Walked from school to the Cathedral de Buen Pastor. Took the walking tour that my program arranged. Didn't quite know the bus system so I walked home. Wasn't too bad. I didn't get lost, which was good, especially after getting so lost in Madrid.

The next big challenge is figuring out my classes. I did place into the level I wanted, which will hopefully open up some doors for me. I really want an internship with the Basque Heritage Foundation. The work is mostly translation from Spanish to English and vice versa. What I really want though is to learn about Basque heritage. I have this very, very Basque last name but I know so little about the Basque people. If I get this internship, it could be a very good opportunity.

Oh and I totally got stopped on the street this morning by a guy in a vest with a petition. Considering how far from home I am, I totally pulled the "oh sorry. I'm an American" card. I may or may not support the cause but I don't think my signature would do any good. It didn't seem to be an international organization. I wonder how often that happens...

Tomorrow classes start. I'm taking an art history class and a Spanish class tomorrow. Most of the classes I would like to take are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The class I'm most excited to take doesn't start until the 11th. I can't wait to take Basque Language and Culture. That's really why I'm here in San Sebastian.

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