Friday, September 14, 2012

Three day weekends are awesome

And every weekend here is at least three days for me. And official holidays are usually on Thursdays or Fridays so often get four day weekends.

I just counted the days. I left the US 18 days ago. That's weird to think about. It doesn't feel like its been 18 days.

I'm beginning to think its impossible to have bad food in Spain. Even in the most touristy areas and the most random cafes, food is fantastic. Everyone I've talked to who's been here says that they miss the food most. Not difficult to see why.

I love just going into pintxo bars and just getting whatever looks good. If I don't quite know what it is, I'm game to try it. Today I had one that was Iberian ham topped with a rice patty wrapped in the Iberian delicacy, black ham, further topped with brie cheese and a fig jam. Delicious. Didn't know what it was until I tried it but it was fantastic. Not the most inexpensive pintxo I've had but certainly very, very good.

My host mom made a delicious dinner tonight. The local white tuna here is called bonito. My host mom prepared it with peppers and a type of tomato sauce. It occurs to me this is what she was preparing while I was eating breakfast. I had just assumed, given how late I woke up today, that she was starting on lunch. Nope. Cooking for a big family is a full time job, not to mention everything else she does for everyone. It's an interesting change from the US. I cook from scratch myself so I appreciate how much effort goes into meals but generally I cook portions for about two people. Cooking for more would be so much more work.

Tomorrow I'm going to a tiny town in the French Basque Country (Pays Basque in French, I think) to see how cider is made. Should be fun. Never been to France before. Have to wake up horrendously early on a Saturday though. xD

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