Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spanish Fútbol Fans are Pretty much the Best Thing Ever

(I meant to post this earlier but I didn't have time.) I saw two soccer matches while here in Madrid, Real Madrid v. FC Barcalona and Athletic Madrid v. Chelsea for the Super Cup final. The two Madrid teams won the matches. I watched them in this really great popular sports bar not far from my hotel called Marca. Huge crowds for both, although more for the Real Madrid- Barça match. Here fútbol (soccer) is serious business. I absolutely love passionate fans. Makes me want to cheer too (although more for Atletico Madrid than Real, because Barça is my team). During the Atletico game a local news channel filmed the bar I was in and the camera was directly behind me and my friends. We got really into cheering. The music they played in the bar was epic. There's this rallying song in Spanish which I have to learn the lyrics to, the one that goes Olé Olé Olé etc, the song my hometown baseball team uses as its victory song which starts off with a repeat of Whoo hoo!, and, of course, Eye of the Tiger. When Atletico won, they played Queen's We are the Champions. It was super awesome. With the victories, it seems like the whole of Madrid stays out all night and celebrates. As noisy as it is, it's pretty awesome. I know San Sebastian has a team, Real Sociedad, but they aren't that good. I just hope that their fans are as fanatic as those in Madrid :)

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