Sunday, September 16, 2012

Una tarde de un domingo (a Sunday afternoon)

My host brother made amazing paella today. They apologized that they didn't have the right pan because the other brother is supposed to bring it but it didn't matter. It was delicious. Super flavorful.

Given my eventful weekend I wanted to sleep in and then study. Slept until eleven. Woke up mildly sore from the previous day's labor. Attempted to read Pio Baroja's short stories for my Spanish class. I needed to look up some words I didn't know on Google Translate. One in particular gave me back a word I didn't even know in English. Spalling. Apparently it means to splinter or break apart. Learn something new everyday. I had statused about that particular mildly disheartening moment on Facebook. A bit later I heard my host sister giggling in the next room. She came over to me and pointed out the very large English-Spanish dictionary they'd placed in my room. I might use it next time. May even be better than what I've been using.

During our delicious paella lunch, we watched the Davis Cup on tv. The Spanish tennis player, David Ferrer won of course. Spain owns the Davis Cup, with or without Rafael Nadal, whom my host mom described as majo. Thankfully I'd learned that word earlier this week. Extremely likable or amicable. I'd say that applies here.

After the match was over there was a commercial for the local soccer team's match tonight here in Anoeta, the stadium right across the street. My host brother quickly realized that with the home game, he had parked his car in a lot they reserve when the team is home. He went out on the terrace to see if he'd been towed. Thankfully his car was still there, but it was the only one in the lot. He had time to move it before the game.

Going to the beach later but siesta first. :)

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