Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Usual

If you were wondering, the now three blog posts in a different, larger font are because I have trouble connecting to blogger on my current device. I type these entries on my notepad and then copy/paste. Well, in the first case, It was because I was flying over an ocean and there's just no WiFi 36.000 feet above the Atlantic. 

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming:

Today was odd in that it finally felt routine and normal. A sleep deprived, busy Monday. You know, the usual. Weird, but nice to finally say that. The usual. 

I didn't have coffee this morning. Mistake. My Art History class is very interesting, largely due to the professor, but today we were looking at actual slides my professor took back in the day when he did the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James) pilgrimage in the 80s. I totally thought when I saw the slide "Oh wow, the original Instagram." 

I had to focus on not falling asleep. That was bad. Unfortunately after class I had to hurry to catch my bus so I wouldn't be late to work so I couldn't obtain caffeine. ¡Que pena! But I did alright with work. Instead of just merely putting their articles on Twitter, it occurred to me that I should probably be using hash tags to make us more searchable. I totally check the Connect tab to see if anyone is actually reading the posts I write. Not too bad.

I did manage to get a coke before class. Coca Cola is made with real sugar here. Life without sugar tariffs and domestic subsidies is an interesting thing. The caffeine was a most welcome boost. These are the days where I have a hard time imagining kicking my caffeine habit. But back in the States I drank energy drinks. Here it's coke or espresso. I take my espresso solo, without milk or sugar, which is quite the rarity here. Not exactly common back home either but it's not quite as unheard of as here. My lack of need for a spoon with my espresso is quite the topic of conversation here. Go figure. 

Tonight my language exchange partner Idoia took me to one of her favorite places. She said the food was good so we each got a croquetta de jamon. Delicious. 

My dinner was a source of great amusement for my host sister tonight. I had another of those odd pieces of meat that are stuffed with Iberian ham and cheese. They taste good but very, very rich. I don't like to have them often since they are so rich but they're easy for my host sister to prepare when her mom isn't around. Tonight for some reason I could not cut the darn thing with my knife. My sister then gave me the equivalent of a steak knife and I was still having trouble, although less. Eventually I made it through dinner but very slowly. Oh yeah, first course was gazpacho. That made me really happy. I loved gazpacho in the US and even the store bought gazpacho we have is better. It's the one thing my host mom doesn't make from scratch but I'm not complaining. Nice counterbalance to my rich dinner. 

It's getting late and I should do homework. I'll post more

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